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Professional Training

We apply Agile methodology on training to get everyone up-to-speed easier and faster!

You’ve invested heavily in work-leading technology to drive your business to the next level of success. Are you going to entrust this investment to untrained associates? Are you going to settle for only a partial return on investment(ROI)?

We didn’t think so. We in VIVO Professional services, offer the industry’s broadest selection of education and training courses to get associate quickly up-to-speed to effectively do their jobs while also offering courses on leveraging the many advanced capabilities to drive greater ROI. Not only with these courses fill current skill gaps, they are also available to get new associates on board and productive quickly.

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VIVO includes various types of training programs for candidates for enhancing their careers in the desired fields.


providing training with in the premises of VIVO. It provides intensive training in the following areas to fulfill the life time aspirations of the career seekers.  The areas are Techno Skills, Resume Building, Group Discussion, Body Language, Gestures, Presentation Skills, Interview Skills and Placement Grooming. To meet the requirements of the Job Seekers, VIVO designed an exclusive and intensive job oriented internship programme. It is a short term investment for 3months with fulltime on job training. VIVO helps the learners in bridging the gap between skills and Job requirements

Training Methodology:

  • Step1: Identify Training needs.
  • Step2: Create a mentoring plan.
  • Step3: Deliver customised training.
  • Step4: Measuring the Training impact.

Benefits of training:

  • Helps individuals to combine their knowledge, skills with practical work experience.
  • Provides an opportunity to work on live projects.
  • Helps to develop professional work habits.
  • Conducts mock interviews.
  • Provides skills required for Placement Grooming.


On-Campus Training,

providing training for students within their college campus on various Technical Skills and Soft-skills, based on their necessity.