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If you were interested in assessing the value of a company like VIVO, you could look at a number of familiar measures, from annual revenue and market share to the assets we hold in services and thousands of lines of code. However, we would argue that the company’s greatest assets are, in fact, its people and culture. These assets are harder to quantify, but ultimately underlie every form of value we create.
Those who know VIVO well will recognize that this is not just a way to send a message of employee appreciation. It is how we work. VIVO has assembled a remarkably impressive array of capable and motivated people, and the attitudes they share about their work drive the company’s success.
At VIVO, we believe that you do not hire the best people just to tell them what to do. Instead, you agree on objectives, you provide support, you get out of the way and let them achieve, and you let them take credit for their success. It is an approach we are proud of, one that has engendered exceptional loyalty among our employees, and one that we believe will continue to deliver great value to our customers.

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