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Web development@VIVO means creating a unique, custom business for your company. As the starting point of every e-business is the website, it’s important to realise the huge potential behind a professional web site design and its essential impact on your internet business. We can improve your Internet presence by designing interactive, database driven web sites to power your e-business.

VIVO professional services approach to web development is based on the belief that every customer is unique, so the graphics and the work flow should also be unique and outstanding, reflecting the exact needs and goals. It’s not only about creating websites, it’s about taking care of all those details that make up a whole, a quantum which is the perfect representation of your ideas.

The web development services provided by VIVO professional services  make up a complete solution, following all stages involved with a website development project, from choosing a significant domain name (which is the most representative for your business) up to marketing techniques meant to attract targeted traffic to your site.

Remember that most visitors associate the image of your company and products with the look of your website. So their first impression is decisive. Bearing this in mind, Our web design team will develop your web site with respect to these two key factors: professional web design and marketing appeal.

At VIVO professional services, this is usually done by carefully studying the targeted traffic you want to attract to your website and creating a typical visitor’s profile. After understanding what a typical user would like to see on your web site, we’ll have a much more clear idea of how your website should look like. It’s about understanding the particular design requirements for each project, so that the web graphics should be a perfect match for your business goals. By doing this, you can be sure that you have ensured the functionality of your site from a marketing perspective.


Mobile application development is the set of processes and procedures involved in writing software for small, wireless computing devices such as smart phones or tablets.

we offer mobile application development services for android and iPhone mobile application platforms.We have people who can take care of your entire mobile app development process.

When it comes to mobile application development, The success of a mobile app depends on how easy it is to use and how much fun users have while using it. Our dedicated UI and UX developers analyze every aspect of the app and our visual artists create designs that persuade visitors to take desired actions. Whether it is native mobile software development or cross platform mobile app development, we ensure that your application provides high quality experience for its users.

Android Application Development:

  • Android web based applications
  • Custom Android application
  • Security and multimedia mobile solutions

iPhone/iPad Application Development:

  • Business and sales application
  • iPhone web service integration
  • iPhone widget development
  • iPhone social networking
  • iPhone mobile website development
  • iPhone e-commerce applications


Whether your are seeking IT consultants for a department, a division, or enterprise-wide, VIVO Professional Services can help you find the ideal permanent employee or temporary contractor for your IT vacancy.

VIVO Professional Services is able to locate qualified IT consultant candidates having required skill sets, personalities and career goals to fill your company’s unique staffing needs.We furnish you with Information Technology consultants for both short-term projects and long term assignments on a “per project” or on an “hourly contract basis”.

IT Staff Augmentation Services

VIVO Professional Services‘s Staff Augmentation Service helps you utilise skilled IT personnel to help fill specific roles within your company, on a temporary basis. The nature of your staff augmentation requirement can vary from filling a Network Manager role for one week, to multi-year on-site support.

Our service allows you to utilise resources that are already trained in a particular skill, for any length oftime. We frequently utilise our own skilled engineers and consultants on temporary assignments. This provides you a level of commitment not often found in typical IT Staffing Businesses.


It provides intensive training in the following areas to fulfil the life time aspiration of the career seekers. The areas are Techno skills, Resume building, Group discussion, Body language, Gestures, Presentation skills, Interview skills and Placement grooming. To meet the requirements of the job seekers, VIVO designed a exclusive and intensive job oriented internship programme. It is a short term investment for 3 months with full time on job training. VIVO helps the learners in bridging the gap between their skills and job requirements.