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We Engineer our products to be the Best

VIVO has industry leading positions and strong customer relationships in all of its businesses. It has used its expertise to products and their designs, customer base and geographic footprint, which have contributed significantly to its long-term growth and success.

  • we provide Accounts Receivables (AR) & Business Intelligence (BI) solutions to our businesses in Financial Services.
  • Cloud based Food ordering platform with a mobile App.
  • Farmer and Dealer/Trader app is an mobile platform which integrates information of farmers and dealers/traders.
  • Temple App is a mobile platform to get the services offered by the temple.



It provides an efficient and reliable means of managing your entire receivables process. From credit management to sales analysis, this powerful module provides your organisation with extensive information and reporting features to make quicker business decisions.

Many corporations face challenges around visibility and control of the Order-to-Cash cycle. RECEIVABLES™ offer credit and collections software that helps drive automation, workflow and collaboration across the Order-to-Cash cycle. RECEIVABLES™ helps companies manage strategic and major accounts as well as order lifecycle, credit risk, collections, dispute resolution, cash application, dashboards and reporting for all accounts.

  • Provides detailed analysis relating to credit risk, customer selection, scoring and ongoing portfolio reviews leveraging credit data, financial statements and payment history
  • Drives automation, workflow, and collaboration for collections and deduction management activities
  • Offers rigorous analysis of Order-to-Cash processes, including document sampling to quantify the magnitude, frequency and specific root causes of invoice inconsistencies
  • Offers auto-cash processing leveraging intelligence gathered during the collections process
  • Reduces Days of Sales Outstanding (DSO)
  • Decreases past due of Accounts Receivables
  • Improves productivity and reduces manual processing
  • Helps gain visibility for forecasting and root-cause analysis

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Food Ordering platform


Our Food Ordering App is a best solution for all the Hotels and Restaurants who usually have “Home Delivery” facility. Online food ordering is a process of ordering food from a local restaurant or food cooperative through a web page or app. A customer will search for a desired item, usually filtered via type of food(Category), and choose delivery. Payment can be amongst others either by internet banking, credit card or cash on delivery. App has GPS tracking mechanism.


  • Once the ordered food ready for delivery, It is being assigned to a delivery person.
  • Both Customer and Admin can track the ordered item in the map once its status is Out for delivery.

Farmer and Dealers connect platform


Farmer Dealer app is an online platform which integrates information of farmers and dealers. This app is mainly used to provide direct communication between farmer and dealer. It Provide seamless value addition of enabling the farmers to have a choice to sell, get the better price and sell on time without damage to the product.


  • It has the information of all farmers and dealers.
  • Farmer can update the information of the Crops and set the expected price for crop based the markets selling price and start a bid.
  • Dealers can view the information of the crop like available stock, date of availability and participate in the bid.

Temple App


Temple app can be used by the Devotees to avails the services offered in the temple like Archanas, gotra nama and other information like its importance, history, story behind, management committee, place to visit near, timing and cost for the service and many more.

With this app, people who are in living in far locations from the temple can make a request/ book a slot of the service on required date and time, so that requested programs are held on behalf of the customer in the temple and send him back the prasadam if possible.


  • Customer can book the slot of the program of their choice on the required date.
  • Payment of the service programs can be done through online based on the customer flexibility.
  • people can donate funds to temples through online mode with high security payment gateways.
  • Based on the request from the customers, temple authority team can make postage of worshipped items for them.

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